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Our nursery is a purpose built ground floor day nursery with large spacious play rooms which maximise natural light and fresh air. The nursery was designed by early year’s professionals to enhance children’s learning and development.

The nursery caters for 82 children aged six weeks to five years. The nursery is in walking distance of the city centre and is accessible by public transport.  We have our own car parking facilities to ensure safety when dropping off and collecting children.

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Our Mission Statement

We provide the best quality childcare in a warm and friendly environment to the people of our community at an affordable price. We at Little Walkers at Salisbury Street Merridale have an ethos that values all children, parents and staff in our unique setting.

Our Vision

At Little Walkers we believe children are precious and deserve the best, therefore, we are looking to develop high quality, affordable and flexible childcare, which is valued by children, parents, staff and the community.

To provide an atmosphere that makes children, parents and staff happy and comfortable within the nursery. Where children are cared for in the best possible ‘homely’ environment we can create.

Our Rooms

Little Walkers nursery offers activities and resources in order for children to develop and learn. Each room has a topic/theme of the month which has been taken from the children’s interests. Planning, activities and adults leads then are carried out daily in line with the topic/theme in order to meet the different areas of learning and to ensure that children’s learning needs are been met.

Each room will record this information on Tapestry. Tapestry is a secure online learning journal to record photos, videos, observations and comments in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, to build up a record of children’s experiences during their time here at Little Walkers.

Tapestry promotes a strong partnership with parents, as they have immediate access to their child’s learning. Parents too can leave comments and also upload their own observations, photos and videos from home. Tapestry allows parents gain a better understanding of the EYFS curriculum and appreciate the value of learning through play.

Baby Room

The baby room is a nine place suite, that is designed specifically for the needs of babies aged six weeks to one and a half years of age. The baby suite is secure and separate away from the other play areas. We offer a homely environment to meet the children’s needs and strive to give them the care and attention they need.

We follow your home routines and wishes where possible. Your baby’s day will be filled with lots of fun and interesting activities to help stimulate their individual needs and development, following the Early Years Foundation Stage. Your child’s key person will be responsible for providing activities to encourage your child’s learning and development, which is recorded weekly in your child learning journey on Tapestry.

Our sleep area is within our play suite, where carers can monitor your child sleep at all times. We provide fresh bed linen but you could bring your own if you wish. The nursery has its own laundry service.

We provide warm, healthy meals at meal times that are prepared in our on site kitchen and a variety of different choices to meet all dietary requirements. In our playroom we have a milk kitchen, where you are asked to provide your child formula milk for staff to prepare. We also welcome breast feeding in the nursery or you can provide expressed milk.

At the end of every session your child attends nursery, you will be provided with a daily sheet. This informs you of all meal times and drinks, nappy changes, sleep times and what activities your child has undertaken, throughout the day.

Tweenie Room

Tweenie room has been carefully considered to provide beautiful spacious, fully equipped playroom and dedicated areas for changing and toilets. This room allows the children to become confident and independent within themselves, as children become more mobile they are able to exercise and explore independently.

The space in Tweenie room allows the children develop their gross motor skills and a variety of creative, physical, sensory and role based activities to enhance their development and skills.

The Tweenie room is safe and stimulating environment whilst still having caring practitioners to move them ahead within their development.

All resources and activities in the Tweenie room are age appropriate and adapted to individuals needs. The staff in the Tweenie room understand that they too are an important resource, supporting the children with their overall development and building on the 3prime areas of learning ( Personal, Social, Emotional development, Physical development and Communication and Language).

Toddler Room

Our toddler unit is a large playrooms with a ratio of one adult to four children. We also offer the free 15 hours of educational funding for eligible 2 year olds. Your child will be allocated a key person who will take responsibility for your child’s learning and development and to complete their two year progress check, throughout their time with us. In toddler room we follow the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – e.g. mealtimes, Pretend play and interacting with others
  • Communication and Language – e.g. singing rhymes and action songs, circle time
  • Physical Development ¬ e.g. soft play, scissors play, mark making, running outside

We pride ourselves when working in partnership with parents when starting toilet training. We discuss with you on how we are going to support your child, we offer advice, but most of all we follow your child’s lead.

We begin with putting your child in to pants or pull ups for a short period of time and increasing this as the child becomes more confident with using the toilet. Throughout this time the children and parents are given lots of help, support and re-assurance from the staff in order to make it a s easy as possible for both the child and parents.

Pre-School Room

Welcome to the pre-school room. We look after children from 3 years to 5 years. We are a 24 place room and we offer the 15hrs free education. Our aim is to provide a friendly, caring and learning environment. Our experienced Pre-school team work closely with each individual child to extend their learning in all seven areas of the EYFS which consist of:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development– group work, being kind to others
  • Communication and Language development – listening skills, speech, Phonics, numbers, circle time
  • Physical development- Outdoor play, self-care
  • Understanding the World development – festivals, technology, small world play
  • Literacy- practice writing skills, books
  • Mathematics-number work, shapes, length, weight
  • Expressive arts and design-Imaginative play, creative play

The activities we provide are to extend your child’s learning and development but also to prepare your child for school. We also encourage your child to be independent and to do things for themselves, but the staff are always around to give them support if needed.

At Little Walkers we offer a settling in period for your child to settle in to nursery life.

We also have parents evening twice a year, where you can come and speak to your child’s key person about their learning and development. Reports are also given out along the parents evening for parents and carers to keep which outlines what stage their child is at in the different areas of learning and what next steps need to be taken to enhance learning. We do hope that you will become confident to speak to any member of staff about your child.

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