3 to 5 year olds

Welcome to the pre-school room. We look after children from 3 years to 5 years. We are a 24 place room and we offer the 15hrs free education. Our aim is to provide a friendly, caring and learning environment.

When your child starts in pre-school they will be given a keyperson and it’s their role to complete their capturing the journey and their home learning books. Your child will also have a two week settling period.

Week 1- Is for you the parent to stay and meet your child’s keyperson and to discuss your child’s play interests, dietary requirements and any other special requirements, and for your child to meet the staff and children. Week 2- Is for you to leave your child for short periods of time to settle in to preschool. This will help with your child’s self-awareness and their self-confidence.
In preschool we promote working in partnership with parents. One of the ways we do this is to send home a home learning book and your child’s keyperson will suggest activities to help with your child’s learning and development. It is also for you to look at your child’s progress and for you to do activities at home and to make any comments.

In pre-school room we follow the seven areas of the EYFS which are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development- group work, being kind to others
  • Communication and Language development – listening skills, speech, Phonics, numbers, circle time
  • Physical development- Outdoor play, self-care
  • Understanding the World development-festivals, technology, small world play
  • Literacy- practice writing skills, books
  • Mathematics-number work, shapes, length, weight
  • Expressive arts and design-Imaginative play, creative play

The activities we provide are to extend your child’s learning and development but also to prepare your child for school. We also encourage your child to be independent and to do things for themselves, but the staff are always around to give them support if needed.

We also have parents evening twice a year, where you can come and speak to your child’s keyperson about their learning and development. We do hope that you will become confident to speak to any member of staff about your child.

We have a partner Day Nursery